My lab focuses on health-risk behavior through the lens of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral self-regulation. Most risky behavior involves strong proximal appetitive drives coupled with weaker distal avoidant drives. Understanding these drives is important for the development of interventions to reduce risky/ maladaptive behavior. Many of the behaviors I study are related to late adolescence and/or early adulthood (e.g., alcohol use, drug use, risky sex, impulse control, etc.). Thus, members of my lab can focus on health-risk research with adolescents, adults, or both. My primary areas of interest are:

  • Examining the role of cognitive, affective, and behavioral self-regulation in health-risk behavior.
  • Assessing factors associated with health-risk behavior in real-time through experience sampling methodology.
  • Developing mobile interventions to reduce involvement in risky behavior and increase adaptive goal pursuit.
  • Using advanced statistical models to better understand experiences both within- and between- persons and across time.


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