Robert D. Dvorak, Ph.D., ABPP
Director, REALE-TIME Lab 
Professor, Clinical Psychology 
Department of Psychology
University of Central Florida

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Graduate Students

Angelina Leary (4th Year)

My research interests focus on college students alcohol use, particularly interventions targeted to reduce alcohol-related consequences (especially for first-time-in-college (FTIC) students). More recently, I am very interested in the role identity plays in these interventions, specifically looking at long term outcomes of interventions as a function of identity change. My research is currently funded by the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

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Ardhys De Leon (4th Year)

I am interested in investigating how to reduce the maladaptive behaviors that lead to substance use in emerging adults, while considering the concurrent effects of co-occurring mental health disorders. Furthermore, I aim to identify how to mitigate the underlying self-regulation factors that lead to the onset and maintenance of these disorders. 

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Samantha Klaver (4th Year)

My current research interests broadly include early childhood adversity and maltreatment, risk and resiliency factors, including parental substance use, and the intergenerational transmission of trauma. More specifically, I am interested in investigating the many interacting environmental, biological and psychological factors that may influence lifelong developmental trajectories within individuals exposed to early trauma and adversity. 

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Emily Burr (3rd Year)

I am currently interested in investigating the role of poor self-regulation, particularly emotion regulation deficits, in maladaptive eating behaviors. More broadly, I am generally interested in compulsive behaviors associated with adverse health outcomes.

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Madison Maynard (2nd Year)

My research interests primarily focus on the health-related correlates of cannabis use. Specifically, I am interested in medicinal cannabis use among older adults and resultant pain, sleep, mental health, and neuropsychological outcomes.

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Emma Hayden (1st Year)

My research interests primarily focus on the development of interventions for problematic substance use in college students and young adults. Specifically, I am interested in examining predictors of problematic substance use in sexual and gender minority (SGM) young adults and the adaptation of substance use interventions for SGM individuals.

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Laboratory Manager

Ethan Toth (UCF Graduate)

After graduating from UCF, I took time to gain experience and explore my research interests, which include psychedelic-assisted therapy, technologically-moderated addictive behaviors, and the role of spiritual and religious beliefs in models of addiction treatment. I am currently applying to Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology. 

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Lab Alumni

Jessica Cora, 1st Year Master's Student

UCF graduate currently in her first year of master's program at Pace University in NYC. Her research interests include substance use, risky behaviors, and addiction research correlated with adverse sexual outcomes. 

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Roselyn Peterson, Ph.D.

Rosie has defended her dissertation and is starting a Post-doc at Brown University.

Visit Rosie's website here.

Matthew Kramer, Ph.D.

Matt is now a Post-doc at Sanford Hospital in Fargo, ND.

Brittany Stevenson, PhD

Britt graduated from UCF in 2020. She is currently a Research Psychologist at the Minneapolis VA.

RTL Students

2021-2022 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Right)                                  Back (Left to Right) 

Dani Cantillo                                             Angelina Leary (GRA)

Alexandria Kalish                                     Rosie Peterson (GRA)

Robyn Memphis                                       Emily Burr (GRA)

Jessie Strawderman                                  Ardhys De Leon (GRA)

Jessica Cora (LM)                                   Madison Maynard (GRA)

Amy Ochoaleyva                                      Alexis Cisneros

                                                                  Ethan Toth

                                                                  Dr. Dvorak

Not Pictured: 

Daniel Pinto (GRA)

Luke Salomone

Enzan Azari

Gaelle El Helou

2019-2020 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Rights)                     Back (Left to Right)

Cianna Piercey                                Skyler Hoover

Faith Siwek                                     Daniel Pinto (GRA)

Tatiana Magri (LM)                        Maya Abdoullahi

Katie Moskal                                   Rosie Peterson (GRA)

Ardhys De Leon (GRA)                  Armando Marin 

Angelina Leary (GRA)                   Matt Kramer (GRA)

Zoe Jones

Dr. Dvorak

2018-2019 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Rights)                         Back (Left to Right)

Tatiana Magri (LM)                            Dr. Dvorak

Iryna Gural                                         Matthew Kramer (GRA)

Chantia McDonald                             Roselyn Peterson (GRA)

Brittany Stevenson (GRA)                 Sonny Muli

Angelina Leary (LM)                         Tynan Branch (LM)

Zoe Jones                                            Daniel Pinto (GRA)

Cianna Piercey                                    Maya Abdoullahi

Not Pictured:

Erika Mora                                         

Amanda Yeager

Dakota Sanchez

2017-2018 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Right)

Amanda Yeager

Angelina Leary

Brittany Stevenson (GRA)

Iryna Gural

Chantia McDonald

Erika Mora

Tatiana Magri

Maya Abdoullahi

Melissa Miranda

Back (Left to Right)

Zoe Jones

Tynan Branch

Matthew Kramer (GRA) 

Dexter Wilborn (LM)

Dr. Dvorak

Not Pictured:

Talia DeCant

Dakota Sanchez

Jennifer Carvel


2016-2017 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Right)

Matt Kramer (GRA)

Talia DeCant 

Brittany Stevenson (GRA)

Amanda Pantalone 

Dr. Dvorak 

Back (Left to Right)

Dexter Wilborn (LM)

Tyshani Miller

Angelina Leary 

Melissa Miranda

Nicholas Picanso


2014-2015 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Right)

Lizzie McNamara

Emily Sargent

Angel Mfon

Katie Anderson

Isabelle McKay

Brittany Stevenson (GRA)

Alyssa Goodpaster 

Back (Left to Right)

Dr. Dvorak

Nick Kuvaas (GRA)

Tristen Bentz

Max Pajari

Hannah Nelson

Mackenzie Schmuck

2013-2014 Lab

Destini Spaeth

Lizzie McNamara

Cody Raeder

Tess Kilwein

Phillip Weiss

Michelle Pierce

Emily Sargent

Kalli Likeness

Calie Craddock

2013-2014 Lab Staff (left to right): Destini, Tess, Lizzie, Emily, Dr. Dvorak, Michelle, Cody, Phillip, & Calie. Missing: Kalli  

2012-2013 Lab

Peter Erickson

Shannon Hanson

Jamie Kendall

Tess Kilwein

Beth Nelson 

Michelle Pierce

Emily Sargent

Thomas Williams 

Deborah Wald

2012-2013 Lab Staff (left to right): Dr. Dvorak, Michelle, Tess, Emily, Thomas (Josh), & Peter. Missing: Nick, Shannon, Jamie, Beth, & Debbie. 

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