Robert D. Dvorak, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology 
Department of Psychology
University of Central Florida

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Graduate Students

Brittany Stevenson (4th Year)

I am interested in analyzing the relationships between motivation to change and health risk behaviors, particularly those involved in the development of eating disorders and addiction.

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Matthew Kramer (2nd Year)

I’m interested in antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, how individuals with these traits utilize Protective Behavioral Strategies, and how they influence peers’ regarding deviance from norms and maladaptive behaviors.

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Laboratory Manger 

Dexter Wilborn 

My role involves assisting Dr. Dvorak in data analysis, overseeing research assistants here at the lab, and organizing study participants for our research.

Undergraduate Students 

2016-2017 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Right)

Matt Kramer (GRA)

Talia DeCant 

Brittany Stevenson (GRA)

Amanda Pantalone 

Dr. Dvorak 

Back (Left to Right)

Dexter Wilborn (LM)

Tyshani Miller

Angelina Leary 

Melissa Miranda

Nicholas Picanso


2014-2015 Lab Personnel

Front (Left to Right)

Lizzie McNamara

Emily Sargent

Angel Mfon

Katie Anderson

Isabelle McKay

Brittany Stevenson (GRA)

Alyssa Goodpaster 

Back (Left to Right)

Dr. Dvorak

Nick Kuvaas (GRA)

Tristen Bentz

Max Pajari

Hannah Nelson

Mackenzie Schmuck

2013-2014 Lab

Destini Spaeth

Lizzie McNamara

Cody Raeder

Tess Kilwein

Phillip Weiss

Michelle Pierce

Emily Sargent

Kalli Likeness

Calie Craddock

2013-2014 Lab Staff (left to right): Destini, Tess, Lizzie, Emily, Dr. Dvorak, Michelle, Cody, Phillip, & Calie. Missing: Kalli  

2012-2013 Lab

Peter Erickson

Shannon Hanson

Jamie Kendall

Tess Kilwein

Beth Nelson 

Michelle Pierce

Emily Sargent

Thomas Williams 

Deborah Wald

2012-2013 Lab Staff (left to right): Dr. Dvorak, Michelle, Tess, Emily, Thomas (Josh), & Peter. Missing: Nick, Shannon, Jamie, Beth, & Debbie. 

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